Alcohol: Balancing Risks and Benefits

Just like smoking, Alcohol is another addiction that people have. Alcohol consumption is a daily routine for many people. Some take it as a healthy dose thinking it will help to slow down the disease progression. While others consume it just for the sake of pleasure. There have been controversies regarding whether the consumption of alcohol is beneficial or harmful for the health but this issue has been reached to a conclusion. However, its healthy effects on the individual depend on the amount of alcohol consumed.

 Alcohol is  addictive and is a drink that can powerfully control your mood and mental state of consciousness and takes away your senses from that specific. People try to binge eat or drink after the alcohol consumption almost everyone of us are indulged in the habit of drinking alcohol but excessive drinks can cost you a lot of sugar and fills up your body with tons of sugar apart from this its constituent are little toxic in nature.

Now, we will know that drinking too much alcohol has a harmful effect on a body but there is a need to understand which organ is most affected by excessive alcohol consumption

Alcohol and Liver
In our body liver is one such organ that is responsible for performing many essential functions ranging from the synthesis of Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for removing the extra toxins from our body. It also neutralizes the toxic substances that you consume. A huge amount of alcohol means your liver has to work harder to clean your body which creates great pressure on it excessive drinking can cause damage to a liver making it become a prey of a serious disease is known as alcoholic liver diseases begin with the array of symptoms and stages starting from mild to becoming severe. The first stage is the fatty liver disease which has grades like 1, 2 and 3 and is characterized by the increased fat inside liver cells. As the grades progress further because of excessive consumption of alcohol the liver cells start getting more inflamed leading to end-stage liver diseases known as liver cirrhosis which is Irreversible and may need a liver transplant.

Alcohol and Brain
Apart from causing damage to your liver, alcohol intake deteriorates your brain cells causing numerous effects on your brain. Reduced consciousness, slurred speech is the temporary effects but chronic alcohol abuse ultimate leads to dementia or memory loss in the middle-aged and older adults.

Alcohol and Obesity
Obesity is the most widespread health issue nowadays, every third person that to be meet today is obese. If you are making efforts for managing your weight on one hand and consuming alcohol on the other, it’s not going to be there any fruit to you. Alcohol is the most calorie and fat dense drink, it gives you 7 calories in each gram, therefore, break your addiction to keep yourself away from obesity and in order to maintain weight after knowing the health implications of alcohol consumption.

Let’s also know how this addiction can break through diet and eating patterns

Keep your Meals Regular – Eating a meal in a regular fashion is important to break the addiction. As it has been estimated that hunger aggravates the addiction and enhance the craving for Alcohol to a greater extent so eating something in a short interval to keep yourself feeling is integral.

Stick to a Balanced Diet – Alcoholics are at a greater risk of suffering from multi-nutrient deficiencies because of the poor dietary habits that they practice. Eating a balanced diet  including all nutrients such as protein, sufficient calories from carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, etc is vital to compensate the losses that the body has encountered and aid in reducing the trigger for alcohol.

Cut Sugar from your Diet – In the struggle of kicking the habit of consuming alcohol, people tend to have more of sweets and sweet items as after quitting alcohol there is a sudden drop in sugar levels of these alcoholics and they start craving for sugar items. So, Instead of gulping on the sugary items,Take  fruits which provide you with the natural sugar known as Fructose and gives you fiber along with relieving your sugar cravings too.

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